Rufous Sibia DSC_0124

Song of Sibias

Woke up in the morning to a mini orchestra – of birds! From the sweet chirrups of warblers and tits and the song of the Verditer Flycatchers close by, the loud, fluty, whistling song of the Rufous Sibia is what transitions one to complete wakefulness. Lying in my bed, mustering courage to step out into the cold, crisp morning, the song of the Sibias becomes all too alluring to resist. So I step out, wrapped up, with binoculars in hand. And what a treat awaits me!

Two Pink-browed Rosefinches on the grass, Streaked Laughing Thrush hopping about in the bushes beyond, and the Poplars, devoid of leaf and laden with beautiful, pendulous yellow-red flowers, are full of small birds flitting from branch to branch. On one such branch sits the Rufous-breasted Accentor. The Verditer Flycatchers, Grey-hooded Warblers and Green-backed Tits are singing and courting their mates. A pair of Rufous Sibias are busy feasting on bees buzzing around the Poplar flowers. The loud, distant yip-yip-yip of the Shrike-Babblers on deodar trees catches my attention. The Black Bulbuls, Greenish Warblers and even the Great Barbet dipping themselves in the large Rhododendron flowers appear clownish with their heads full of pollen. Mr and Mrs Ultramarine Flycatcher zip past, and the loud Eurasian Jays have abandoned their favourite oak trees and have gate-crashed into the great Rhododendron nectar party! In the far distance, a Hill Partridge calls a plaintive call, and a Collared Owlet hoot-toot-toots. Its a new morning. It’s a celebration!