Trishul Rooms

Tariff: Rs. 12,500 / room / night.
Named after the Trishul peaks (7,120 m) visible from anywhere in the rooms, these rooms have a covered deck and a large veranda overlooking the forest and the Himalayan peaks. Our best rooms! More…


Chestnut Room

Tariff: Rs. 9,800 / room / night.
Named after the Chestnut tree that stands in front of the room, it is a large room, with glass on 2 sides, a natural rock inside and a bathroom-with-a-view. Ideal for families with two children! More…


Nandaghunti Rooms

Tariff: Rs. 9,800 / room / night.
Named after the Nanda Ghunti peak (6,309 m) that is visible from both rooms, these all-wood rooms are cozy with a balcony that merges into the forest. Ideal for couples or families with one child! More…


Rhododendron Rooms

Tariff: Rs. 9,800 / room / night.
Named after the Rhododendron tree in front of the rooms, these are our most traditional rooms. They have a large veranda with brilliant views of the sunset. Ideal for senior folks and families with young children! More…


Walnut Cottage

Tariff: Rs. 9,800 / room / night.
Named after the Walnut tree that stands next to the cottage. It is a stone and wood construction with a lovely wooden deck that keeps you connected to the forest around. Ideal for couples / families seeking privacy! More…


Luxury Tents

Tariff: Rs. 7,000 / room / night.
This is glamour camping! The tents have a tin roof above, short (2.5 feet) walls along the sides, wooden floor, an attached bathroom with running hot water and electricity. Ideal for couples / families wanting to experience camping, albeit with some creature comforts! More…

Harmony with Nature