Quick Connect

Update on 22-Sep-16: There seems to have been a problem with sending mails in WordPress v4.6, the software that runs our website. It may have been fixed in WordPress v4.6.1, which we have updated to today. However, not taking any chances, we have installed a plugin that replaces WordPress code for sending email notifications. We have re-enabled Quick Connect and tested the notifications successfully.

We have a glitch in the Quick Connect code on our website and consequently most of the queries sent through the same have not been delivered to our mailbox. We deeply regret not being able to reply back to all our guests who have sent us a note through the Quick Connect widget on our website. We will try and reach out to you all over the next few days.

In the meantime, we have temporarily disabled the Quick Connect widget. As and when we identify the issue with the code, we will fix the same and re-enable it.