Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best destinations for organizing small, intimate events.

  1. Being a Wildlife Sanctuary, the peace and quiet you can experience here is unparalleled
  2. Being at an altitude of 7,600 feet, the temperature never crosses 25°C
  3. Very few places in the Himalayas bring together as dense a forest and as magnificent a mountain range (Garhwal Himalaya) as does Binsar
  4. Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary has hiking trails of over 60 kms with a wide range of hikes (2 km onwards) to choose from. Start every day of the event with an early morning walk in the cleanest and oxygen-abundant air

At Binsar Forest Retreat, we have the right setting for small groups of people to come together for a shared experience (sufi, cinema), learn (yoga, writing, photography) or ponder pressing matters (environment, wildlife). We have the necessary infrastructure – a yoga room (600 square feet) – that can accommodate 15 – 20 people and has adequate power to support a wide range of events.

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We will give 20% off on our standard rates for the events. The event should meet the following conditions:

  1. Minimum 3 nights
  2. Only rooms will be available for the events. Swiss tents will not be available
  3. Should have planned activities for every day of the event
  4. Open to any participant (it cannot be a closed group)
  5. We will advertise the event on our website / social media pages

Below is the calendar of available dates in 2018 for events:

19/Feb/2018 – 28/Feb/2018
5/Mar/2018 – 28/Mar/2018
20/Aug/2018 – 28/Sep/2018

Harmony with Nature