Current Temperatures in Binsar (Max 24, Min 14)

I have been baffled by some of our guests arriving in shorts and tees, without packing any woollens whatsoever. The reason for this seems to be grossly incorrect weather forecast on some web sites. Yesterday, one of the popular sites showed a maximum temperature of 42 C. Unbelievable! I was wearing a sweater through the day. In 42 C? We have a temperature reader at the Retreat and it showed a temperature of 24 C at 1.00 PM yesterday, and 17 C at 5.00 AM today. And when it turns cloudy and rains, which has been almost daily during the past 10 days, the mercury plummets.

We request all our guests to come prepared, with a sweater / jacket, some full sleeve t-shirts / shirts, full pants and caps. You will also need hiking / walking shoes for the walks.