Himalayan Tortoiseshell


A few days in Binsar, and I had started missing that most ubiquitous of all butterflies found here – the Himalayan Tortoiseshell! As the weather started warming up mid-March, I could see the small, pretty Coppers slowly make their appearance, along with the striking looking Sorrel Sapphire. But where was the Tortoiseshell I had seen just so many of last October?

The weather has kind of been fickle, with spells of rain and shine, but it definitely is a lot more warmer now than how it was a month back. And guess who has made a complete comeback??

The Himalayan Tortoiseshell is everywhere these days, flitting from flower to flower and often alighting on the ground, wings spread, basking with abandon! On sunny days, when we breakfast outdoors, it settles down on the table, sometimes on crockery too. A pure delight! Another butterfly that we have seen very commonly these days is the pretty Indian Cabbage White. Flitting around, it surely is a delight to watch.

It’s amazing how these little wonders spread so much happiness around, just by being there!