Yoga Yatra – IV

15-Nov-17 (Wednesday) to 19-Nov-17 (Sunday)

Take a break for a few days to invest in your physical, mental and spiritual well-being with Divya Sunil Yogacharya, who has over 15 years’ experience in the field of yoga and other natural healing therapies.

You will be introduced to a yogic way of life – to help cleanse the accumulated impurities from the body, mind and soul by learning and following authentic yogic practices and incorporating them in your daily life. You will immediately perceive the difference in your decreased levels of stress, niggles and aches and an upsurge in your positive energy.

Each day starts with asanas, pranayama and mudras.

You will be taught yogic cures and self-management of ailments like cold, flu, backache, cervical pain, knee and joint pains, obesity, etc.\\

You will be given yogic tips to treat and improve mind power, vision, speech, breathing as well as fortifying the throat, stomach, liver, knees, heart and creating a general sense of well-being.

Price: ₹15,000 / person

Call: 98991 88862 / 81919 20725

Himalayan Writing Retreat – I

8-Nov-17 (Wednesday) to 12-Nov-17 (Sunday)

Dreaming of moving your writing forward? Maybe writing a book?

At this writing retreat, expect to work hard and have fun. You will find inspiration to write better and more. The learning is facilitated by Vandita and Chetan – both published authors. The inspiration comes from the Himalayas and the company of writers driven by a shared purpose.

We analyse and understand what holds us back. We learn how to discipline ourselves to become better writers. We spend time understanding the craft of writing. Practicing it. We learn about tools that can help. We take a peek into the world of publishing.

Of course, we punctuate all this with bonfires, forest walks and new friendships. When you leave, you will be part of a close-knit cohort of fellow writers.

Price: ₹24,500 / person

Call: 97176 15666 / 81919 20725

Yoga Yatra III

We just completed Yoga Yatra III with Divya Sunil Yogacharya last Sunday, 10-Sep-2017. As in the case of Yoga Yatra I and II, organizing this event was an extremely satisfying experience for all of us at Binsar Forest Retreat. I had joined the Yatra as a participant this time and it was, at a personal level, tremendously rewarding as well.

Yoga at Binsar Forest Retreat

It was when we were renovating the Retreat in late 2014 that Francois Gautier visited us. We learned a few things: he had lived in what is now our home in Binsar many years ago; Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had visited the Retreat and liked a few hours that he spent here. Francois suggested a Meditation course could be organized at the Retreat, taught by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar himself. The thought has stayed with us.

Over 2 years since this meeting, we were able to organize our first Yoga Retreat. We had 15 participants training in the Yogic way under Divya Sunil Yogacharya.

Samagra Yoga at Binsar Forest Retreat

Binsar has everything the Himalayas have to offer those seeking harmony, within and without. It gives us great satisfaction that we are able to facilitate this journey for our guests. We hope many Yoga / Meditation teachers and students alike will pass through the Retreat on their journey to teach / learn this ancient knowledge which remains as relevant today.

Harmony with Nature